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Jesus is For You

God. Savior. Friend.

No religion can capture the love and majesty of Jesus Christ.

He is beyond words.

His love for you is beyond words.

Jesus hung out with the people that religion said to stay away from. He reached out to those whose hope was gone. He lavished love on those who would hurt and betray him. He became the way out for all of us who thought we were trapped. His love is just that BIG.









It’s Not About a Prayer

Make Your Introduction

Are you up for the “challenge?” Grab a Bible, find the Gospel of John and ask Jesus to show himself to you. Then just start reading. He will show up.

Know the Man

Once you get your introduction, don’t be afraid to ask questions, just listen and get to know Jesus better. He will continue to show up in the Bible, but he also has things to speak to you, because you are unique and he loves you.

Connect with Believers

Admittedly, this can be the scariest part of this journey – meeting other people who say they’re Christians. We would love to be the first step for you in that journey. We love you, too, and we can explore the depths of Jesus together.

Just fill out your name and use the “Connect” button and we’ll get back to you to help you on this journey.